The problem of overuse, unnecessary care, or low-value care is increasingly a focus of the national health policy conversation. Estimates suggest that as much as one-third of health care spending in the United States is of low-value or wasteful. Many factors contribute to the problem, including increased patient demand, information asymmetry, perverse financial incentives for providers, and a culture of “more is better than less.”

In order to advance research development and to inform efforts to reduce overuse in the United States and globally, AcademyHealth and the ABIM Foundation have been partnering since 2014. Initially assessing the landscape of research being conducted on low-value care, we then focused on priorities for studies of interventions to reduce low-value care, which were then disseminated to multiple research funders. From these initial efforts, the partnership has evolved with development of a research community on low-value care composed of diverse stakeholders to coordinate efforts in low-value care research and an initiative to develop priorities for patient-centered low-value care measures.

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Research Community on Low-Value Care
AcademyHealth and the ABIM Foundation launched the Research Community on Low-Value Care in April 2016. The community is composed of key stakeholders whose contributions and engagement are essential to advance low-value care research.

Defining Patient-Centered Metrics for Low Value Care. Phase I: Establishing Priorities
One of the major barriers to reducing low-value care is our ability to identify instances of such care. In response to this significant need, and with support from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award, AcademyHealth and the ABIM Foundation have been spearheading deliberative dialogues and priority setting with multiple stakeholder groups to assess the current state of measures and future research needs to develop, test, and implement measures that will help identify low-value care while taking into account patient perspectives.

Reports & Publications

Interventions Aimed at Reducing Use of Low-Value Health Services: A Systematic Review

The effectiveness of different types of interventions to reduce low-value care has been insufficiently summarized to allow for translation to practice. In this paper, Dr. Carrie Colla and authors systematically reviews the literature on the effectiveness of interventions to reduce low-value care and the quality of those studies.

Defining Value in Health Care Resource Utilization: Articulating the Role of the Patient

Authors Shannon Brownlee and Amy Berman explore the challenges in understanding the term value from multiple perspectives. To understand the role of patients and the public in relation to value-based care and payments, we first need to understand the term value and its unique meaning from the perspective of payers, providers, and patients.


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