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The Learning Health System Summit will bring together 200 health system leaders, researchers working within or partnering with health systems, patients, and other key stakeholders to articulate the current challenges faced by learning health systems (LHS) and promote strategies for advancing learning system transformation.

Cost: $200/Member | $275/Non-member

What to Expect

The summit will feature a mix of plenary presentations, networking, and interactive working sessions that provide attendees the opportunity to frame recommendations to support the growth and development of these organizations.

Areas of focus will include:

  • Electronic health record data
  • Patient-generated data
  • Core competencies
  • Maturity models
  • Funding models

Why Attend:

  • Learn about the current state of the learning health system movement and the challenges it's facing.
  • Collaborate with your peers to outline recommendations to accelerate learning organization transformations.
  • Have meaningful conversations with key stakeholders about sustainability – moving beyond how to make learning health systems work – but how to make them last.
  • Enjoy networking among delivery system leaders, innovators, researchers, and other stakeholders.


Learning health systems embed continuous improvement and innovation into ongoing care as a way to help the health care system function more efficiently and effectively. The past 10 years have been transformative for health care, with the increase in health information technology, the creation of large distributed research networks, and the growing role of patients and other stakeholders as partners in care and research. 


Updated as of  2/13/2020

Time Activity
10:00 AM

Opening Remarks

L Simpson CEO Headshot
Board Member, Committee Member, Staff

Lisa Simpson, MB, BCh, M.P.H., FAAP

President and CEO - AcademyHealth

Dr. Simpson has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of AcademyHealth since 2011. A nationally recog... Read Bio

Lucy Savitz
Board Member

Lucy A. Savitz, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Vice President for Health Research - Kaiser Permanente - Northwest Region

Dr. Savitz is currently Vice President for Health Research in the KP Northwest Region where she directs the C... Read Bio

10:10 AM

How well is research meeting the needs of policymakers, providers, and practitioners?

  • Timothy Ferris, Massachusetts General Hospital
10:30 AM

Fireside Chat: Patient & Practitioner
Dialogue between patient and provider about the successes and challenges of implementing changes in health systems.



Vivek Garg, M.D., M.B.A.

General Manager & Chief Medical Officer - CareMore Health System

Vivek Garg, MD, MBA, is Chief Product Officer at CareMore Health System and a practicing internist. CareMore H... Read Bio


  • Romana Hasnain-Wynia, Denver Health
  • Libby Hoy, Patient and Family Centered Care
11:00 AM

Panel Presentation: LHS Data
Real-world challenges and opportunities related to EHR and patient-generated data.



Donna R. Cryer, JD

President & CEO - Global Liver Institute

Donna R. Cryer, JD, has channeled her personal experience as an IBD and liver transplant patient into professi... Read Bio

  • Daniel Sands, Backpack Health and Harvard Medical School
11:45 AM

Panel Presentation: LHS Building Blocks
Advancing LHS transformations: core competencies and the workforce, LHS maturity model, LHS funding models, LHS training.


  • Elisheva Danan, Minneapolis VA Center for Care Delivery and Outcomes Research
  • Christopher Forrest, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Charles Friedman, University of Michigan
  • Jonathan Perlin, HCA Healthcare
12:30 PM Networking Lunch
1:45 PM World Café Breakouts (5 Topics)
1. EHR Data
2. Patient-generated Data
3. Core Competencies
4. Maturity Model
5. Funding Models
3:00 PM Networking Break
3:30 PM Facilitator Report Out
4:20 PM

Large Group Discussion
Where do we go from here?
What did we not discuss that we should have?

4:45 PM Closing Remarks