There is no bigger, hot-button issue today than health care. As debates persist and big decisions loom, now is the time to understand the fundamentals of health policymaking – how the many pieces of the health care puzzle work together, while providing content and context about the current political environment.

Take a deep dive into all aspects of health policy at the Health Policy Orientation. Attendees explore the many mechanisms of the policy process, including its key players (from relevant congressional staff to the three branches of government and federal agencies), an overview of the federal budget process, and insights into state health policy, public opinion, and more.

The Orientation has a small meeting format (50 participants) – designed to encourage collaboration, interaction and networking among participants and esteemed faculty.

“I recommend the Health Policy Orientation without reservation. It provides excellent content, and it frames it in a way that is contextual and relevant.  Just as importantly, the program provides an excellent opportunity to network with others in the health policy field and to enhance one’s skills as a health policy professional.” - Carl Patten, J.D., M.P.H., Director, Community Benefit, Centura Health