General Information

How can I register to attend?    
Just head to:
How much does registration cost?    
Registration rates are available here:
My colleague has decided they want to register. May they still register?     
Participants may register through July 18, 2021. The event platform closes on July 19, 2021. Colleagues who were unable to attend during the live virtual conference can register after the conference ends and receive access to all the recorded session.
How do I access the live event?    
On Friday, June 11, 2021, you can log in to the virtual site at
What are my login credentials?     
Your login credentials are the Email Address that you used to register and your Last Name. You will receive your login credentials in an email prior to the event.
What if I forgot what email I used to register or have other registration questions?    
You can direct your questions to
How long do I have access to the conference content?    
You may log in to the conference platform and have access to the recorded sessions until July 19, 2021.
What content do I have access to after the live event (June 14-17, 2021)?    
Attendees have on-demand access to all plenary and breakout sessions, poster presentations, and exhibitor resources.
Is there a code of conduct for the virtual event?
Yes, as with our in-person meetings, we've outlined a code of conduct within the virtual platform. Find a link to this information at the bottom of the event platform.
Are dates available for future ARM events?     
Yes. Please find future ARM dates below. Keep in mind, as we continue to navigate a "new normal" as a result of the COVD-19 pandemic, the dates and meeting type are subject to change.

  • June 4-7, 2022 | Washington, DC
  • June 25-27, 2023 | Seattle, WA

Event Platform Information

Am I able to set up a profile?  
Yes! Go to the Profile section in the upper right corner of the event platform and make sure your profile is up to date. Be sure to upload a picture and add your company and job title.
Whom do I contact with technical issues or support during the live event (June 14-17, 2021)?   
For technical support, please use this link - We do ask that you please first check that you are using the latest version of your browser, make sure you are not using Internet Explorer, and check your internet connection.
Whom do I contact with technical issues or support after the live date (June 14-17, 2021)?   
Please contact technical support at or you can email us at if you are experiencing any issues with the on-demand sessions.
What browsers are supported on the platform?    
OnlineEvent Pro supports the most current version of the popular browsers; Chrome, Safari, Edge, and FireFox. Chrome is the preferred browser. Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is no longer supported as Vimeo Livestream is critical and not available on IE. See further information here if needed.
Are there time zone requirements?   
Ensure your system time zone is set to Eastern Time (ET) to ensure calendar appointments show appropriately. Find help for Windows here and for MacOS here.
Is there a special plug-in that I need to attend this virtual event?    
You do not need a plug in for the functioning of the OEPro website. You cannot however run the platform on Internet Explorer
Do I need a webcam to experience the platform?  
No, you do not need a webcam and can attend in audio-only format.
Can I attend the event on a mobile device?    
Yes, the site can be viewed on a mobile device and will be formatted for mobile viewing.
How do I clear my browser's cache?    
Every browser has a different way to clear cache and cookies, we have listed the most common browsers below. ** Using the browser's Incognito or Private browsing window can also be effective.

What is Whitelisting and why should I do it?    
Some corporate IT settings will block websites. Please have your IT Security team whitelist the following addresses:
Lennd URLs (if applicable)

Are there any troubleshooting tips?     
If you are experiencing issues accessing the event or with the live stream, please try the below steps:

  1. Try turning off your browser’s Ad Blocker.
  2.  Access the site on a personal device.
  3. If unexpectedly routed to the login page, confirm you are in Fuzion.
  4. If you are seeing a “No Connection” page or “Network Error” upon logging in, try clearing your browser cache and logging in again.
  5. If you are accessing the platform via a corporate VPN: Can you access OEPro with VPN turned off? Have your security team whitelist OEPro. Try accessing the site on a personal device.
  6. Try logging in using an incognito/private browser window. If logging in via incognito/private browser works, you might need to clear your browser's cache and cookies to be able to log in from a normal window again. Every browser has a different way to clear cache and cookies, so you will have to check how to do this depending on what you are using.
  7. Try using a different browser. For example, if you are using Google Chrome, try using Firefox, or vic a versa.
  8. Ensure "JavaScript" and "Accept Cookies" are enabled/allowed in your browser settings.
  9. Add to trusted websites on your antivirus and firewall settings. This would need to be done for all forms of antivirus and firewall software on your computer. You may need to engage your IT help desk if this is a corporate IT policy.

Meeting Information

Where can I find the agenda?     
On the event homepage, click the Program menu to view the Sessions and Posters. You may also click the Sessions and Posters boxes on the homepage. Use a variety of filters to view activities by date, conference theme, session type, and more.
Are there any other online agendas?   
Yes. You may also view the full agenda online here. Please note that this agenda is not a part of the online event platform. You should open this agenda up on a separate tab from the event website.
How do I access a session?     
At the scheduled time of the session, locate the the session (see above) and click the green Watch Now button.
Are we able to chat with speakers and attendees during the sessions?    
Yes. Each session has a moderated chat box that attendees can use to comment and ask questions. Speakers are encouraged to participate in the chats to answer questions from attendees about their presentations.
Are AcademyHealth Interest Group (IG) meetings available during the live event?    
Yes. IG meetings are available during the breakout sessions during the live event. All registered ARM attendees are invited to join an IG session.
Are we able to chat with poster presenters?     
Yes. When you are viewing a poster, you can access the presenter/author information and chat with this individual about his/her work.
Can I find participating speakers?   
Yes. Click the Program menu on the homepage, then click Speakers to browse or search for speakers. Or you can click the Speakers box on the homepage. Once you locate a speaker, you will find all the program activities that the speaker is participating in.
Am I able to download resources from sessions?     
Yes. Locate the session and click the details button to find additional resources from the session, including available presentation materials.
I missed a session during the live event. Can I view a recording?  
Yes. On-demand sessions are available for viewing at the end of the day they are presented and available until July 19, 2021.
Where can I learn about the event supporters?     
On the event homepage, click the Supporters menu item or box to see a list of all event supporters and additional information about each organization.
Do exhibitors have a virtual booth? How do I find it?    
Yes. Exhibitors host their own exhibiting booth. You can browse all participating organizations by clicking the Exhibitors menu item or box on the homepage.

Networking Information

Am I able to network at the event?  
The Annual Research Meeting features virtual networking opportunities that allow attendees to meet future partners and gather with like-minded colleagues. Have in impromptu conversation or schedule a meeting!

On the homepage, click the Networking menu item or box to explore the networking opportunities.
Can I chat with other attendees?     
Yes. In the Networking menu, select Connect with Attendees or Connect with Exhibitors. Here, you can search for attendees or exhibitors and start an immediate text conversation or schedule a meeting. Text chats are only available for one on one conversations. Video chats are available for groups.
Am I able to chat via video?     
Yes. When you schedule a meeting, you can choose to have a text conversation or a video chat. Up to 16 live images are displayed during the video chat. If there are more than 16 participants, the first 16 individuals will display. The speaker's video will always appear.

Can I video chat with more than one person?
Yes. In the Networking menu, select Connect with Attendees. Search for the person you want to connect with and select Schedule a Meeting. In the pop-up window, select Video. In the Invite section, you may search and select additional attendees to join the meeting. Fill out the Time, Date, and Description and send the invite.

What are Chat Channels?    
The Chat Channels are meeting rooms dedicated to specific topics related to health services research and health policy.
Are there scheduled networking events?     
Yes. The Wellness & Meetups page in the Networking menu features daily scheduled activities such as Yoga, Trivia, and more.
Are there networking opportunities after the live event (June 14-17, 2021)?    
On Monday, June 21, 2021, attendees will no longer have access to the networking opportunities on the event platform.