We are no longer accepting speaker proposals for the 2023 Health Datapalooza. Acceptance notifications will be sent in early December

Key Dates

  • Submissions Open: September 28, 2022 
  • Submission Deadline: October 27, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. ET  
  • Notifications Sent: Early December  

Presentation Formats

Panel Discussions: Panels should be lively discussions of broad industry trends among speakers representing different perspectives or stakeholder roles, supported by data, evidence and impact examples. Skillful moderators provide a foundation for the discussion and facilitate dialogue between expert speakers who help the audience understand complex issues with concrete examples and immediately applicable real-world insights. We encourage panel formats that are engaging and interactive to optimize learning. A list of the 2-3 prospective speakers and moderator should be included in the proposal. 

Lightning Talks: Lightning Talks are individual 12-minute presentations showcasing recent innovations, new apps, startups, and/or results (patient outcomes, costs and value prop, access, etc...) from data-driven innovations. Three individual talks will be grouped together by topic, followed by a short Q&A, and set up in 60-minute blocks.

Health Datapalooza Themes

We strongly encourage submissions that underscore the impact and value of public-private collaboration in the use of technology, data, and new ways of working to transform health and healthcare. As you develop your pitch, remember that at the Datapalooza patients are an integral part of the discussion and equity concerns are foundational to successful innovations. Back again in 2023, we also want to hear from global innovators and stakeholders!  

Each proposal will be submitted to one of the following themes. To see the full description of each conference theme, click here.   

  • Data: Big… clinical… administrative… (de)centralized… (un)structured… environmental… geospatial… survey... wearables... identifying what health data is and what innovators are doing – or could do – with it. 
  • Policy: Addressing the various challenges of the evolving policies, people, processes and systems impacting the exponential growth and use of data. 
  • Action: Transforming the health care industry by harnessing the power of data to improve clinical outcomes, control costs and increase patient satisfaction. This isn’t the place for hyperbole, submissions in this theme are practical and useful now. 

Tips for a Great Proposal

  • Tell a story. Health Datapalooza is not an academic seminar. Craft a session that is persuasive, visual and effective that allows your passion to come through. Provide real-world strategies and knowledge on your topic!  
  • Be original. Provide the audience a new perspective and help them imagine the future through the application of health data.  
  • Depth and specificity. Provide advanced, in-depth information into your topic. Highlight the things that really matter.  
  • Diversity matters. Panels should include diversity in gender, race, expertise, thought and opinion, and include the patient perspective.   
  • Proofread. Review your proposal for spelling, grammar and clarity prior to submission.  
  • Meet the deadline. All proposals are due by 5 pm ET, October 27, 2022.

Proposal Review Process

Proposals will be evaluated by presentation format (panel or lightning talk) and theme by the following criteria:  

  • Content Quality  
  • Diversity   
  • Speaker and/or Organizational Reputation  
  • Timeliness and Appropriateness  
  • Value of the Proposal Topic