Why Health Datapalooza?

Data | Policy | Action

There is no other meeting quite like the Health Datapalooza. This conference combines the latest in health data access, analysis and application with the foremost health policy wonks working to establish equitable, just and transformative policies aimed at solving some of health care’s most intractable challenges. Most importantly, the Health Datapalooza galvanizes this diverse community to action for the common good.

Collaboration Between Policymakers, Data Innovators, and Patients

Attendees will find meaningful collaboration and face-to-face conversations between influential policymakers and entrepreneurs about the big ideas, big opportunities, and policy hurdles for improving health and health care. It’s not a place where you’ll endure a tech sales pitch, but one where you’ll engage in stimulating conversation, hear about the latest innovations bringing change in the real-world, and rub shoulders with the people who are making it all happen.

Onsite Action and Results

As a program of AcademyHealth, the Health Datapalooza is grounded in evidence and real-world application of data to improve health care delivery. It’s not a place to focus on the theoretical; Health Datapalooza is where ideas get real.

Health Datapalooza attendees not only hear presentations about the practical guidance and innovative changes they can take back to their workplace, but they can also talk through a problem with their fellow innovators onsite. Data releases are a common occurrence at Health Datapalooza as data holders know this is the gathering place of the smartest and most committed minds in health data and policy.

To Sum Up: A Unique Experience You Don’t Want to Miss

  • Learn about today’s newest and most effective uses of health data
  • Explore innovative technologies and policies that are improving health care delivery
  • Meet real people, with real world examples, and real results
  • Take actionable steps and practical concepts back to your work
  • Rub shoulders with and engage in meaningful conversations with thought leaders - from the mainstage to the conference hallways

Who Will You Meet at Health Datapalooza?

  • Technology Developers
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Patients and Advocates
  • Startups/Incubators
  • Policymakers/State and Federal Government
  • C-Suite Executives (CIOs, CMOs, CMIOs, CDOs, CTOs)
  • Delivery Systems
  • Health Plans/Insurers
  • Consultants
  • Life Sciences Innovators
  • Clinicians
  • Data Liberators
  • Academics
  • Professional Associations
  • Researchers
  • Media