Thank you for your interest in the National Center for Health Statistics/AcademyHealth Health Policy Fellowship Program!

What is the purpose of this program?
This new Fellowship Program allows for a fellow in health services research and policy-related disciplines to access restricted data files free-of-charge through the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). 

Who is eligible to apply?
Applicants must be United States citizens. This status is required to enter certain United States Government facilities, including NCHS and the RDC.

Applicants must have a doctoral degree.

The program is geared toward senior researchers with at least 5 years of post-doctorate research experience. Applicants must have a doctoral degree and a demonstrated record of research independence and accomplishments in health services research in disciplines such as public health, public administration, health care administration, sociology, health economics, health statistics, anthropology, and behavioral sciences, or clinical care, including medicine, nursing, dentistry, and pharmacology.

If you believe you meet these requirements, we encourage you to apply. We look at all components of the application in the review process.

Review and Selection Criteria
Applicants must have a research need to access and analyze restricted data/variables from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics.

Applicants should submit a proposal that demonstrates knowledge of the NCHS data systems selected for study and their appropriateness for the proposed investigation. Proposals should be sufficiently specific to show adequate understanding of the surveys in relation to the research question and feasibility to complete the study within a 12-month period.

Applications will be reviewed with respect to the following criteria:

  • Relevance and potential contribution of the proposed study to address important health-policy- or health-services-research-related questions and/or the usefulness of the project's findings for future health policy discussions;
  • Strength of the research design and methodology;
  • Feasibility to conduct the research under the proposed time frame, and the appropriateness of the selected NCHS data system(s) for the investigation;
  • Applicant's qualification for and commitment to health services research and health policy;
  • Quality of applicant's past research; and
  • Applicant's written and oral communication skills, interpersonal skills, and ability to collaborate with peers.

What is the expected timeline?
Applications are due by 5 pm ET on January 1, 2020. We anticipate that the process to recruit and select the fellow will be completed no later than Spring 2020. The fellow will begin his or her appointment sometime between September 1, 2020 and September 30, 2020, and end on September 30, 2021.

Are there any additional benefits to being selected as a fellow?

Yes. The fellow will receive:

  • Opportunity to present research findings at the 2021 AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting; 
  • Invitations to networking events at the 2021 AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting, including:
    • The AcademyHealth Fellowships Networking Meeting, and 
    • The AcademyHealth Diversity Networking Reception;
  • Opportunities to participate in activities with Fellows and Scholars from AcademyHealth programs including the AcademyHealth Delivery System Science Fellowship and the NCI/AcademyHealth Healthcare Delivery Research Visiting Scholars Program;
  • Opportunity for the Fellow to author a blog post on the Fellowship experience, to be published on the AcademyHealth website; and
  • Opportunities for the Fellow to contribute to abstract submissions, funding opportunities, and presentations.

Do I need to relocate?
Yes, the fellow must relocate to the NCHS office in Hyattsville, Maryland for up to twelve months.

Do you sponsor work visas?

Do I need to be a United States citizen to apply? 

Yes, all applicants must be US citizens.

Is this a paid opportunity?
Yes. Note: additional information is forthcoming.  

Can individuals from a non-US institution apply?
No, due to program requirements, individuals from non-US institutions are not eligible to apply.

Are permanent residents eligible to apply?
No, the NCHS RDC does not allow access to permanent residents. 

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