General Information

What health and safety protocols will AcademyHealth be enacting for in-person attendees? 
As always, protecting the health and safety of our attendees is our number one priority. At this time we are planning to require proof of vaccination, use of face masks and social distancing throughout the conference. We may enact additional policies, such as COVID testing protocols, reflecting the state of the pandemic closer to the date.   

May I choose whether I want to present in-person or virtually? 
No, all Call for Presentations submitters should be prepared to present in-person. Conference organizers will select a subset of sessions for live online presentation. Information about your presentation format will be included in notifications. 

May some of members of the same panel present virtually and others in-person? 
No, panels accepted through the Call for Presentations will be selected to be presented either entirely in-person or entirely virtually. This is to help simplify technical logistics as well as to provide continuity for in-person and virtual attendees.