The State-University Partnership Learning Network (SUPLN) collaboratively works to support evidence-based state health policy and practice with a focus on transforming Medicaid-based healthcare, including improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare. The SUPLN will accomplish this mission by:

  • Building a learning community of partnerships to share and spread best practices and relevant health projects.
  • Facilitating dialogue between state government and state university research centers to improve partnership efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Supporting state government’s capacity to conduct high-quality policy and data analysis.
  • Informing state university centers’ research with the practical expertise of state officials and promoting state considerations in the research questions and methods. 
  • Providing a mechanism for comparative studies across states (addressing questions that would benefit from a multi-state perspective).
  • Exploring and supporting the development of new partnerships.


    AcademyHealth started the SUPLN in 2014. Policymakers tend to be higher users of research for decision making when they interact with research in the context of policy networks. The Learning Network is helping state-university partnerships meet their policy and research goals by regularly convening participants through in-person meetings, webinars, calls, and a members-only web forum.

    Partnerships are ongoing collaborations between a state governmental entity and a state or state-related university research center. Partnerships focus on state-funded health programs working to provide the analysis and research, as well as program support, to create essential state-specific health information and conduct policy-related projects and programs. Member partnerships must be drafting or have a contract/interagency agreement that spans at least one year between a state or state-related university research center and a state Medicaid agency and/or any state governmental entity that works on the Triple Aim with Medicaid as a principle partner.


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    SUPLN Web Conferences

    The Learning Network hosts bi-monthly web conferences for members on a variety of topics. Slides from these web conferences are available for public viewing and download. See below and click on a title to download the slides.

    Related Resources

    If you have any questions about the SUPLN, please contact Susan Kennedy.

    Partnerships: Access the SUPLN members-only website.