The AcademyHealth PHSR Interest Group has more than 3,000 individuals - including researchers, students, public health practitioners, federal agency staff, and policymakers - shares an interest in exploring and enhancing the U.S. public health system by formulating, translating, and applying the PHSR evidence base.

AcademyHealth’s public and population health portfolio offers training, scholarships and resources for researchers, facilitates connections with policymakers, and stimulates discussions around the challenges and opportunities faced by the evolving public health system – from organization and financing to delivery and impact. Recent published reports on critical public health systems issues include evaluating complex health services interventions and improving population health via rural public health systems. Collaborating with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF) to build a culture of health, the team works to connect the public health community with other sectors influencing health such as housing, transportation, environmental and social justice organizations. Supported by RWJF and the Kresge Foundation, the team also hosts the 3,000-member Public Health Systems Research (PHSR) interest group and leads initiatives aimed at exploring and enhancing the U.S. public health system by formulating, translating, and applying evidence to public health policy and practice. In support of the field, AcademyHealth hosts two scholarship programs - one to encourage collaboration between systems scientists and health services researchers and another which provides policy training for emerging community health leaders – and a community of practice using electronic health data for public and population health.


Past Events

Post-Concordium Webinar: Innovations in Electronic Health Data—Highlighting Cross-Sectoral Partnerships
Online | December 5, 2017 

2017 PHSR Annual Meeting
New Orleans | June 24, 2017

2016 PHSR Annual Meeting
Boston | June 25, 2016

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Pilots & Programs

Systems Science Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to introduce systems science methods to the health services research (HSR) community. In particular, the scholarship seeks to foster collaboration between the scholars and those in HSR who are investigating systems-level challenges related to public health.

Population Health Community of Practice (PopCop)

The Population Health Community of Practice (PopCop) addresses the shared opportunities and challenges of using electronic health data for public and population health. PopCop supports the efforts of local and state public health agencies to use and enhance the value of their data and improve the health of the populations they serve.



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Senior Associate - AcademyHealth

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