One way to get involved at AcademyHealth is by serving as an Interest Group (IG) Advisory Committee member. Your volunteer work will place you alongside your peers in the field to plan and develop IG engagement activities.

    This is a perfect way to expand your personal network on a national platform and influence the content shared with your peers nationwide. Stand out by getting involved! Apply to serve today.

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    Application Information:

    Please have all application materials and information ready when you begin the application, which needs to be completed in one sitting.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    1. All applicants must be active individual members of AcademyHealth at the start of the IG year (September 1st) and maintain active membership through their term of service;
    2. Applicant must be a member or join the IG with which they wish to serve;
    3. Willing to serve a two-year term;
    4. Availability for monthly advisory committee calls;
    5. Student applicants are encouraged to apply.

    Application requirements:

    1. Contact and basic demographic information
    2. A personal statement of no more than 500 words from the following prompt: "Please indicate why you are interested in joining an advisory committee. Your statement should include why you would be a valuable addition to the advisory committee, your specific strengths and areas of expertise, and examples of the types of engagement you would want to initiate within the Interest Group."
    3. A high-resolution professional headshot, to be uploaded
    4. A short (150-word) biography

    Application Deadline: Friday, July 8

    Available Positions*:

    Generally available positions for all IGs (except for IRGNI):

    Member-At-Large: Represents IG members on the advisory committee, participates in IG engagement and activity planning, and provides ad hoc leadership as needed for various subcommittees, projects and/or other advisory committee needs.

    Secretary: Takes roll call and minutes of the advisory committee monthly conference calls and activity planning; provides a copy of the minutes to AcademyHealth staff.

    Communications Liaison: Coordinates all IG-specific postings on the listserv. Helps draft correspondence to the general IG membership. Utilizes social media on behalf of the IG where and when appropriate.

    Vice Chair: Supports the current chair in all efforts to execute the annual IG strategy. The vice chair serves as chair if the chair is unable to attend any calls or the annual meeting. Along with the chair, leads the IGs ARM meeting planning, including the coordination of speakers and activities.

    *Position availability varies based on the needs of each individual IG advisory committee.

    Available Positions: Interdisciplinary Research Group on Nursing Issues

    Treasurer: Manages and oversees IRGNI budget in coordination with AcademyHealth. Coordinates all IRGNI fundraising efforts including those associated with the IRGNI pre-conference meeting at AcademyHealth and other IRGNI events. Maintains and communicates budget to the Advisory Committee. Maintains records of all expenses in coordination with the IRGNI secretary.

    Secretary: Records member attendance and detailed minutes for all business and conference meetings. Keeps all files updated, accessible, and organized in a secure IRGNI web-based folder. Maintains IRGNI board member access to IRGNI folders and files. Updates sharing settings to IRGNI folders and files as board members change. Maintains a roster of IRGNI Advisory Committee Members and their terms and communicates with AcademyHealth for the annual election process. Creates surveys to poll IRGNI membership after the Annual Research Meeting and during the year as needed.

    Communication Liaison: Manages and executes all correspondence with members and potential members. Maintains IRGNI listserv and screens responses, as needed. Communicates with membership regarding pre-conference abstract submission, between-meeting webinars, pre-conference registration, post-meeting evaluation, nominations for the Advisory Committee. Prepares communication and marketing materials (e.g., flyers) to be used at annual pre-conference meeting (slide decks, promotional materials, agendas) and other IG-run activities.

    Member-At-Large (2): These individuals provide ad hoc leadership for special projects or needs and participate in the annual meeting planning. The MAL leads the abstract review committee and coordinates the selection of abstracts for the IRGNI ARM meeting in conjunction with the Board. One MAL provides membership information to individuals interested in joining IRGNI. One MAL leads the selection committee for nominations for the IRGNI Mentorship Award.

    Vice Chair: Supports the current chair in all efforts in executing the annual IG strategy. The vice chair serves as chair if the chair is unable to do so. The vice chair drafts the bimonthly conference call agenda and submits it to the chair for final approval and distribution. Along with the chair, leads the IRGNI ARM meeting planning, including the identification and coordination of speakers and on-site activities. The vice chair leads and coordinates the publication of abstracts including the development and finalization of an accompanying editorial. The vice chair serves 1 year and succeeds to chair role. Vice chair shall have prior Advisory Committee experience (within the last 2 years) and must be in a professional role (academic or otherwise, but not a student).