The first day of the ARM focused on change—in what we study, how we study it, and how we translate it into policy and practice. New data streams, the important and growing influence of patient and consumer perspectives, the increasing role of social media and electronic publication, and the growing synergies between health services research, delivery system transformation, and quality improvement are changing the way we work in new and exciting ways. Today—as we wait to hear the fate of ACA legislation—we continue to examine how changes are affecting the delivery of care, and how health services researchers are adapting to this evolving policy landscape. With so many policy and practice changes, researchers have significant work to do to provide policymakers and decision makers with the information they need to improve health care. Today's sessions highlight some of the best work from our field, with recognition of our annual award recipients and exciting new research showcased in two poster sessions. Enjoy the second full day of sessions and follow our Twitter team for updates: @academyhealth, @phsr_ah, @hcfo, @edm_ah.

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