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AcademyHealth members, Lawton R. Burns, PhD and Mark V. Pauly, PhD recently announced the release of a special report through the University of Pennsylvania’s Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (LDI) that highlights 10 major forms of BS in health care today.

Following the lead of other thought leaders including both Peter Pronovost and Atul Gawande, the authors created the “BS Checklist Manifesto” to provide an accurate and fast way to detect and deter BS in health care . The report presents the top 10 BS candidates, in both pictures and words. Readers are invited to view each image first and attempt to discern what the BS message is before the authors reveal the explanation of what the picture conveys. According to the authors, the exercise may help the reader become a more skilled “BS Hunter.”

See below the first two pictures and sharpen your BS detecting skills by viewing the full list in issue brief and report on the LDI website here.

Two forms of BS in health care

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As one who has spent a career cutting through BS, I appreciated Burns' and Pauly's pungent contribution to the literature. Of course, they were writing about "health care" and not medicine, in which case, "Trust me, I'm a doctor" would have had to be appended. Trust me, because: 1) I'm not influenced by financial incentives, particularly from drug or device companies; 2) I practice evidence-based medicine; 3) I'm a great communicator and always incredibly patient-centered. I look forward to the sequel, to be shared on the AcademyHealth blog, in which the authors turn their lens up health services researchers. Starting, perhaps, with "more study is needed."

Submitted by Michael Millenson on Friday, December 7th, 2018 at 16:17 pm