AcademyHealth seeks to bring new, diverse voices into the public conversation about the ways innovation in science can drive new approaches and address the systemic and structural barriers in health and health services research. Today, in support of this effort, we are pleased to announce the second cohort of the Public Voices Fellowship at AcademyHealth, in partnership with The OpEd Project, a venture that trains underrepresented experts to take thought leadership positions in their fields. 

The Public Voices Fellowship is a national initiative to change who writes history and create a more just world. Fellows will receive training and coaching by professional journalists and editors through The OpEd Project, then use those skills to write and place their ideas in mainstream media outlets. 

This second cohort of Public Voices Fellows includes leaders working at the intersection of public health, research, and social justice. Each has demonstrated a desire and ability to imagine and advocate for more inclusive and representative approaches to formulating research questions, creating incentive structures, engaging partners, training researchers, working with data, and disseminating findings. 

The fellowship curriculum explores authority, equity, innovation, and action in an unfair world. Fellows will explore how credibility works, how ideas spread, when and why minds change, and how ideas play out over time and space.

AcademyHealth‚Äôs work with the Public Voices Fellowship, in partnership with The OpEd Project, is part of a family of projects designed to move health services research and health policy toward higher impact, more equitable research. The inaugural cohort produced an impressive 66 op-eds with more than 80 contributions to the public discourse, including interviews, podcast appearances, and more. AcademyHealth is excited to continue this fellowship program and thanks the first cohort for the incredible foundation they built during the previous year. 

Please join us in congratulating the 2023-2024 Public Voices Fellows:

  • Abeer Alharthi
  • Uriyoan Colon-Ramos
  • Hanz Dismer
  • Tran Doan
  • Danielle Fernandes
  • Brooke Holliman
  • Kristin Kerr
  • Sud Krishnamurthy
  • Rashon Lane
  • Arion Lillard-Green
  • Sara Mar
  • Samuel Mendez
  • Ashwini Nagappan
  • Elaine Nsoesie
  • Nkiru Osude
  • Milan Satcher
  • Samantha Streuli
  • Mariela Torres-Cintron
  • Kellee White Whilby
  • Mary C. White
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