Payers are in a unique perspective to drive the use of evidence in practice. Whether through coverage decisions, utilization review, or coinsurance, there are many strategies payers use to reflect the value of specific therapies within the marketplace. So, what information do payers feel they need to guide these efforts? Raj Sabharwal, M.P.H., Director at AcademyHealth discusses his article “Developing Evidence That Is Fit for Purpose: A Framework for Payer and Research Dialogue,” which describes efforts to develop and refine a decision-making framework that considers payers’ perspectives on the utility of evidence generated by different types of research methods, including real-world evidence. Panelists from the National Pharmaceutical Council and AcademyHealth’s Corporate Council provide insight into the decision-making framework and provide perspectives from their own institutions.

Learning Objectives

During this webinar, participants learned about:

  • The “Fit for Purpose” framework for payer and research dialogue;
  • Conditions under which more evidence is needed, and perspectives on the type of evidence needed to meet this demand;
  • Techniques for engaging multiple stakeholder groups in developing real-world evidence that can support decision-making.