AcademyHealth envisions a future where individuals and communities are made healthier by the use of evidence in decision-making. 


Together with its members, AcademyHealth works to improve health and the performance of the health system by supporting the production and use of evidence to inform policy and practice. 


Evidence is important
We believe policies affecting health and the performance of the health system should be informed by the best and most relevant evidence. We will promote both the production and use of evidence from health services and policy research to improve health, health care, and public health.

Evidence is a common good
We maintain that the production of evidence about what works to improve health and the performance of the health system, for whom, under what conditions, and with which outcomes, is a common good. We advocate for and support the development of the workforce, data and information infrastructure, and funding necessary to produce relevant, high quality, timely evidence.

Diversity of opinion and perspective produces better evidence
We believe that diverse perspectives lead to richer and more nuanced understanding of issues related to health and the performance of the health system. We support a big tent approach and encourage participation from all. Our activities are nonpartisan and seek to encourage and support diversity in the field.

AcademyHealth is ‘of the field and for the field’
We strive to develop high quality programs and services that address the needs and concerns of our field and members, as well as anticipate, respond to, and raise awareness of a changing environment for health and the performance of the health system. The richness of these activities is enhanced through the efforts of our member volunteers. We will recruit and retain highly trained and motivated staff who represent, reflect and promote the field.