As the centerpiece of the project, AcademyHealth convened more than 50 individuals from a variety of backgrounds for a two-day workshop in April 2014 to discuss a series of papers that looked to fields inside and outside of health care for ideas about how to make research more relevant and accessible. In particular, the project drew from political science, global health, our understanding of how adults learn, the experience of using dramatic improvisation techniques to help scientists communicate better, and learnings from public relations and science museums programs about how to engage the public effectively.


Brian Southwell, Ph.D. Catherine Mulbrandon, M.Des.

Brian Southwell, Ph.D., and Catherine Mulbrandon, M. Des., provide insight about the Lessons Project Workshop, held in Washington, DC in April 2014.


AcademyHealth's report highlighting key findings from the commissioned papers and workshop discussion is available here: Moving Health Services Research Into Policy and Practice: Lessons from Inside and Outside the Health Sector.

The following background papers were commissioned as part of this project. Those without hyperlinks are under review for publication in academic journals.  Links will be added upon publication:

The Lessons Project was supported by Kaiser Permanente and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.