Engendering Trust: Efforts to Measure and Increase Trust among African American Men
Co-PIs: Consuelo H. Wilkins, M.D., M.S.C.I. and Derek M. Griffith, Ph.D.
Grant Period: 07/15/18 – 01/14/21

Relationships Matter: Leveraging Healthy Alliances to Improve Services across the Continuum of Care
Co-PIs: Michael Valenti, Ph.D. and Amy Strickler, Ph.D.
Grant Period: 07/15/18 – 06/30/20

The Role of Hospital-based Patient and Family Engagement Strategies in Building Trust in Rural Communities
PI: Darlene B. Tad-Y, M.D.
Grant Period: 07/15/18 – 02/28/21

Development and Validation of a Feedback System for Tracking and Improving Trust/Respect in an Economically Disadvantaged Behavioral Health Population
PI: Paul Crits-Christoph, Ph.D. 
Grant Period: 08/01/18 – 07/31/21

A Two-Way Street: Comparing the views of Medicaid beneficiaries and primary care physicians on how to build mutual trust and respect 
PI: David Schleifer, Ph.D. 
Grant Period: 07/15/18 – 12/30/20

Guide for Building Consumer Trust in Safety Net Hospitals
Co-PIs: Kalpana Ramiah, Dr.PH and Jennifer Stephens, M.P.H.
Grant Period: 08/01/18 – 08/31/20

(Dis)Respect Reflected and Perpetuated in Medical Records
PI: Mary Catherine Beach, M.D., M.P.H.
Grant Period: 9/15/18 – 9/14/20

Understanding Patient-Physician Trust: Overcoming Trust and Other Barriers to Using Telemedicine for Mental Healthcare
Co-PIs: Marek N. Posard, Ph.D., M.A. and Ritika Chaturvedi, Ph.D.
Grant Period: 9/15/18 – 3/14/20