AcademyHealth encourages students from a wide range of academic backgrounds to participate in the Student Chapter Program. Following are student chapters based in various schools and disciplines including health services research, health policy, public health, medicine, nursing, economics, health administration, pharmacy, and a number of health-related subjects. While AcademyHealth recognizes the importance of specialized training, we believe that through multidisciplinary collaboration students can have a more comprehensive learning experience. 

AcademyHealth is proud of its growing list of student chapters. If you want to participate in an existing chapter, simply email one of the officers listed below. If your university does not have an AcademyHealth student chapter, it's easy to start one, and AcademyHealth staff will assist you every step of the way. Our Chapter Toolkit has everything you need to get started.

Student Chapter Leadership

Brown University
President: Hannah James
Faculty Advisor: Vincent Mor

Boston University
Co-President: Tim Levengood
Co-President: Marsida Domi
Co-President: Kerrin Gallagher

Dartmouth College
President: Jesse Boggis
Faculty Advisor: Karen Schifferdecker

George Mason University, College of Public Health
President: Redd Woldeselassie 
Vice President: Areej Khan
Treasurer: Carolyn Hoffman
Community Liaison: Jonathan Sanchez
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Debora Goetz Goldberg

Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis, IU Fairbanks School of Public Health
President: Ashlyn Burns
Vice President: Jyotsna Gutta
Treasurer: Emma McCord
Faculty Advisor: Olena Mazurenko
Faculty Advisor: Sharron Crowder

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
President: Kamaria Kaalund
Vice President: Delya Sommerville
Finance Chair: Grace Jo
Communications Chair: Avneeti Singh
Faculty Advisor: Jill Marsteller
Penn State University
Co-President: Soumyadipta Roy
Co-President: Barbara McGrath
Vice-President: Haoyu Bi
Treasurer: Yousef Chavehpour 
Secretary: Shashim Waghmare
Faculty Advisor: Yunfeng Shi

University of California, Los Angeles
Leadership Team: Alexis Amano
Leadership Team: Ashley Hopkins
Leadership Team: Firooz Kabir
Faculty Advisor: Tom Rice

University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus
President: Deena Brosi
Vice President of Membership Activities: Elleni Mehari
Faculty Advisor: Glen Mays

University of Iowa
President: Hannah Rochford
Faculty Advisor: Hari P. Sharma
University of Maryland, School of Public Health
President: Portia Buchongo
Faculty Advisor: Luisa Franzini

University of Michigan 
President: Amira Haidar 
Vice President: Rachel Domzalski
Advocacy Chair: Ketan Revankar
Professional Development: Jumanah Anwar
Education Chair: Abby Lindsay
Marketing and Communications Chair: Kyra Martin
Finance Chair: Hassan Kourani

University of Minnesota
AcademyHealth Liaison: Roshani Dahal
Faculty Advisor: Shekinah Fashaw-Walters

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Vice President of Program Coordination: James Kim
Vice President of Finances: Sage Thompson
Vice President of Operations: Laura McFadyen
Vice President of Marketing: Nejma Benzaari
Vice President of Program Coordination for External Relations: Rachel Smith

University of Pittsburgh
Chair: Anna Lewis
Vice Chair: Rebecca Bilden
Faculty Advisor: Lucy Savitz

University of Rochester
Chair: Suiyue Cui
Secretary: Aaron Bloschichak

University of South Carolina
President: Maushmi Patel
Vice President: Anirban Chatterjee
Treasurer: Zixiao Nan
Faculty Advisor: Nabil Natafgi

University of Texas, Health Science Center, School of Public Health
President: Sharmily Roy
Vice President: Cain (Steven) Lara
Treasurer: Jae Man Park
Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Lairson

UT Southwestern School of Medicine and School of Public Health
President: Andrew Murphy
Vice President: Grant Flindt
Vice President: Ryan Anaya
Faculty Advisor: Gary Reed (Assistant: Eleanor Phelps)

University of Washington
Officer: Ashlyn Thom
Officer: Harsha Amaravadi 
Officer: Pam Bonsu
Officer: Zoe Pleasure

Vanderbilt University
President: Robert Besaw
Vice President: Nana Addo Padi-Adjirackor
Secretary: Hannah Crook
Treasurer: Robert Skinner
Faculty Advisor: Kevin Griffith 

Virginia Commonwealth University
Co-President: Mahmoud Amoli
Vice President: Vimbai Dihwa
Vice President: Gati Wambura
Treasurer: Augustus White
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Barnes
Faculty Advisor: Sarah Raskin

*AcademyHealth Student Chapter leadership was last updated March 2024