FH NPIC®℠, the nation’s largest collection of private medical and dental claims data, is now available to researchers and policymakers seeking to study patterns, trends, and geographic disparities in service utilization and private healthcare spending.

With more than 29 billion billed procedures contributed by over 60 data contributors that collectively represent more than 150 million lives covered by private health insurance, the FH NPIC®℠ Database is an invaluable resource. The database features:

  • Geographic scope: includes claims from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
  • Historical scope: includes data from 2002 to the present.
  • Detailed price information: contains billed charges.
  • Data refreshed with new contributions on an ongoing basis.
  • Medical and dental claims. 

Individual members receive a 25 percent discount and organizational affiliates receive a 30 percent discount on FAIR Health data. To receive the discount on the FH NPIC®℠ data license fees, provide your AcademyHealth member ID and the code IND13FH.

FAIR Health also offers “FAIR Health Student Starter Kits.” Professors obtain critical instructional tools and students benefit from concrete, hands-on experience in working with diverse data elements. The FAIR Health Starter Kits can be licensed to professors as a classroom tool or directly to individual students for research for a low cost. 

To take advantage of this valuable AcademyHealth member benefit, please contact:

Phone: (855) 301-FAIR (3247)
Email: info@fairhealth.org
Website:  https://www.fairhealth.org/who-we-serve/research