With the intent of continuing to support Student Chapter growth and development, and encourage inter-chapter relations, AcademyHealth offers mini-grant reimbursements to students planning student chapter activities at their respective schools. The amount of the mini-grants will range from $100-$500 for single-chapter events and $300-$800 for collaborative student chapter activities (events co-hosted by multiple chapters).

There are four types of mini-grant funding:

  • Chapter Educational Activity
    Proposed activities should include an educational component relating to health services research and/or health policy. Sample activities could include a site visit to a hospital or health-related organization or paying transportation expenses for an educational speaker at a chapter event. 

  • Chapter Service Activity
    Proposed activities should support community service and outreach. Activities should reflect the mission of AcademyHealth and its student chapters, such as helping local nonprofits improve the quality of their health services delivery or evaluate the impact of their programs. Funds are intended as seed grants to fuel students’ efforts to give back to their respective communities.

  • Chapter Organizational Affiliate-related Activity
    Proposed activities involve a visit to an AcademyHealth Organizational Affiliate site location.

  • Collaborative Student Chapter Activity
    Proposed activities include two or more student chapters coming together to organize programming such as a speaker, panel, or discussion series. Grants for these proposals can range from $300-$800.  

Funding Levels
Mini-grant funding requests are accepted on a rolling basis. AcademyHealth offers mini-grants of $100, $250, or $500 for individual chapter activities; Collaborate events are eligible for reimbursements of $300-$800.

All current AcademyHealth Student Chapters are eligible to apply for up to two mini-grants per academic year.  (Current chapters are those that have submitted their chapter application and previous year's annual report.)  The mini-grant funds must be used for the support of a student chapter activity; they cannot be used for tuition, membership fees, or registration fees for students.

Funding Request Process:

1. The student chapter president or a chapter officer should complete and submit the following information via email to Richard Carson

  • The number of student members involved in the chapter activity.
  • Timeliness of topic and activity.
  • Total cost of activity.
  • What sources of additional funding have been identified, if applicable (i.e., in the case where the activity costs exceed the grant request).
  • If the activity makes use of other AcademyHealth resources (e.g., archived webinars, toolkits, trainings, etc.)

Funding requests will be assessed by AcademyHealth staff within two weeks of submission based on the above criteria.

Please note that new activities that involve two or more student chapters will be given priority.

2. Requests for funding will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis and funds are limited. AcademyHealth membership staff will review funding requests, and forward recommendations to the AcademyHealth President and CEO for approval.

3. Once approved, students should conduct the event while paying special attention to documenting expenses.

4. Requested funds must be used to cover actual costs incurred.  

5. Within 30 days after the chapter activity occurs, the chapter must:

  • Submit a 200-word summary of the activity, including a description, the number of students participating, and any lessons learned. Event photos are encouraged.
  • Submit receipt(s) to staff to receive reimbursement.