HSRProj One-Pager

This one-pager provides examples of how to use HSRProj for research on trends in the field.

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The field of health services research is dynamic and constantly evolving. In the years between investigators receiving a scientific award and publishing study results, the landscape of research funding and areas of research focus can change dramatically.

Understanding trends in funding for current health services research (HSR) is critical to maximizing the impact of innovative research, policy and practice.
HSRProj is an important data resource for science policy to help understand these changes in the field. HSRProj can be used to conduct in-depth portfolio analysis of the field of HSR. Because it is open access, anyone can perform analyses using the data contained in HSRProj.

AcademyHealth works with our partners at the National Library of Medicine and the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to analyze HSRProj data to understand the production
and use of HSR.