Improving STD Prevention and Care through Partnerships

Improving STD Prevention and Care through Partnerships Invitational Meeting Report

This report provides a detailed summary of the invitation-only meeting held at the CDC Foundation on April 27, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia, including synopses of the valuable research presented and an overview of the subsequent action planning activity.

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This in-person meeting was designed and structured to share pertinent findings with and facilitate discussion among state Medicaid clinical leaders and quality experts and connect these state policy makers to their federal Medicaid and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Division of Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention (DSTDP) colleagues to help spur action. The Improving STD Prevention and Care through Partnerships Invitational Meeting Report provides an overall meeting summary and recap of the opening presentation on the prevalence of STIs and Medicaid’s role before delving into presentation summaries on three areas of research foci:

  • Trends in STD Screening and Prevalence among Medicaid Enrollees
  • Role of Providers in Improving STD Screening and Access to Care
  • Exploring Policy and Payment Levers to Affect Change

The report concludes with snapshots into the closing presentation on an applied case of adoption of a congenital syphilis measure in South Carolina as well as an action planning activity in which state Medicaid clinical and quality leaders along with their public university research colleagues were encouraged to reflect on the meeting’s learnings and identify a roadmap toward improving STD detection and treatment among their own Medicaid populations.

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