One way to get involved at AcademyHealth is by serving as an Interest Group (IG) Advisory Committee member. Your volunteer work will place you alongside your peers in the field to plan and develop IG engagement activities.

Nomination Criteria:

  • All nominees must be individual members of AcademyHealth.
  • Student nominations are encouraged.

This is a perfect way to expand your personal network on a national platform and influence the content shared with your peers nationwide. Stand out by getting involved! Nominate yourself to serve today.

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Nomination Deadline: Friday, July 20

Available Positions:

  • Member-At-Large: Represents IG members on the advisory committee, participates in IG engagement and activity planning, and provides ad hoc leadership as needed for various subcommittees, projects and/or other advisory committee needs.
  • Secretary: Takes roll call and minutes of the advisory committee monthly conference calls and activity planning; provides a copy of the minutes to AcademyHealth staff.
  • Communications Liaison: Coordinates all IG-specific postings on the listserv. Helps draft correspondence to the general IG membership. Utilizes social media on behalf of the IG where and when appropriate.
  • Sponsorship Coordinator: Coordinates networking efforts between the advisory committee’s contacts and AcademyHealth to identify and secure funding to support the IG’s activities on a year-round basis. Serves as a liaison between the advisory committee, potential sponsors, and AcademyHealth.


2018-19 Interdisciplinary Research Group on Nursing Issues Call for Nominations

The Interdisciplinary Research Group on Nursing Issues focuses on: Influencing the development of scientific health services research knowledge relevant to nursing practice and education; Building a community of interdisciplinary individuals interested in advancing health services research issues (such as practice, education, and others) that are important to nurses; and Facilitating the development of nurses and other in the conduct of health services research and the use of health services research methods.

Open IRGNI Advisory Committee positions:The Interdisciplinary Research Group on Nursing Issues (IRGNI) is seeking individuals to fill 5 positions on its Advisory Committee. The current IRGNI Advisory Committee encourages its members to nominate themselves or a colleague for an open position. Each position is a two-year appointment and individuals elected to these positions will begin their term on September 1, 2018.

  • Communications Liasion: Coordinates all IRGNI specific postings on the IRGNI listserv. Helps draft correspondence to the IRGNI membership. Utilizes social media on behalf of IRGNI as appropriate.
  • Members-at-large (2): The At-Large Board Members form the Nominating Committee and oversee the annual nominations and elections process. These individuals also provide ad hoc leadership for special projects or needs and participates in the annual meeting planning. 
  • Secretary: The Secretary takes roll call and minutes of the Advisory Committee monthly conference calls and the IRGNI ARM business meeting; provides a copy of the minutes to AcademyHealth staff.
  • Vice Chair: Supports the current chair in all efforts in executing the annual IG strategy. The vice chair serves as chair if the chair is un­able to attend the monthly or annual meetings. The vice chair drafts the monthly conference call agenda and submits to the chair for final approval and distribution. Along with the chair, leads the IG’s ARM meeting planning, including the coordination of speakers and activities. The vice chair also leads the abstract review committee and selects abstracts for the IG’s ARM meeting in conjunction with the chair.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Memberships to AcademyHealth and IRGNI
  2. Willing to serve a two-year term
  3. Able to commit to monthly Advisory Committee phone-calls

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Nomination Deadline: July 20, 2018
An online election process will take place following the nomination deadline.