This morning, AcademyHealth hosted a small breakfast with attendees from the United States and abroad to discuss international successes and pitfalls in building connections between research and public health. In particular, the lessons and experiences of other nations can be instructive as researchers, policymakers, analysts, and health care providers discuss translating health services research into policy and practice. All participants agreed that the field will benefit from a cross-collaboration with colleagues abroad. Lisa Simpson also pointed to the need to examine research translation at the local level – an attempt to learn from local efforts coupled with international colleagues may help generate new solutions in the acceleration of research to practice. Special Session on International Perspectives In a special session yesterday, “Advances in Knowledge Mobilisation: Integrating Research and Healthcare Delivery,” chaired by Kieran Walshe, University of Manchester, panelists discussed leading-edge U.S. and U.K. approaches to accelerate the translation of research into practice. Representing perspectives from across the pond, Cyril Chantler, UCLPartners and Richard Gleave, Department of Health, UK addressed improvement in delivery systems and organizational relationships to improve cost efficiency and quality of care. Steven Wartman, Association of Academic Health Centers, discussed the United States’ innovations and domestic efforts to engineer the organizational relationships between research production and service delivery. Reiterating a point regarding the United States and the United Kingdom learning from one another, Walshe suggested that it is often easier to learn from someone more distant from you than your next door neighbors. AcademyHealth looks forward to assisting the field in strengthening connections with our colleagues abroad in order to accelerate research translation toward public health and delivery system transformation.

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