Yesterday, in a cab headed to a meeting, a colleague and I were wondering at how busy this particular fall feels, despite the fact that not much seems to be getting done. Of course, it feels hectic because so many things are in fact happening, sometimes all at once, while others flounder in disagreement and partisanship.

In this environment, it was not surprising to see the results of the latest Pew Research Center poll on polarization in politics, which points again to an ever-widening gap between the average Republican and Democrat across a range of issues, as well as increasingly partisan antipathy. It is a fascinating, if somewhat sobering, read.

What else is happening? There may be movement ahead for CHIP and the Common Rule, there‚Äôs a new Acting Secretary at HHS, MONAHRQ is no more, and the President is taking action to unwind aspects of the Affordable Care Act, among other things. Members can read on for more about the latest developments with an impact on HSR in our member community. 

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