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The underlying attributes of the evolving Anthropocene could be summarized most succinctly by the evolving knowledge of Quantum Mechanics. One of its attributes stresses the inter-related connection, however minutely occurring, of everything.  For disaster management, viz pandemics, this would imply that any national effort should be initially implemented, locally, community by community. Disasters occur, e.g., worldwide pandemics every 70 years, for which each community already recognizes even if only informally. This local preparation should be connected with each community's effort to maintain the responsiveness of their own safety net. This proposal then provides the "boots on the ground" information for any national effort to maintain our nation's capabilities to prevent, mitigate, and ameliorate the knowable as well as the unpredictable massive disruptive processes, be they cosmological, biological, or human suffering.  The Design Principles that characterize the successful management of such an effort have already been defined and verified through substantial volumes of research by Professor Elinor Ostrom. Ignorance is not an excuse in the midst of quantum change.

Submitted by Paul J Nelson MD on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022 at 11:55 am

Since 1989 other mental health providers who usually work with clients only doing treatment, not 20 other things have not been allowed to bill medicare.  Most of the funding for mental health treatment are done by private practice. Yet all the funding goes to Community Mental Helath , Adocacy what is that about.  Social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists have all know it was written intentionally into law along with the Department of Defense that any other provider could not bill the largest insurance company in the country.  We thought we were being advocated and we have not.  For the last two years I have gone hard to accomplish nothing.   now I have the proof.  But even more seriously why did none of these agencies step in.  Thank goodness for Tricare.  We are the major service providers.  Yes we get treated badly by MCO;s because we can't get funding.  I am so tired of this going.  Year after year after year.

Submitted by Tammy Hines on Friday, April 22nd, 2022 at 17:35 pm