In a new Health Affairs blog, AcademyHealth’s Evidence-Informed State Health Policy Institute (ESHPI) and our colleague at the University of Pittsburgh outline the need among Medicaid researchers, policymakers, and payers to understand the impact of PCC on the marginalized communities they serve and details the research agenda and toolkit created to help measure such impacts.

Medicaid programs continually learn from each other, but this cannot be done without disseminating information on policies, lessons learned, and findings from research and evaluation. The Post-COVID Medicaid Toolkit will not only assist Medicaid agencies in conducting this important work but will also guide programs in messaging their findings to stakeholders to ensure enrollees can receive appropriate care.

Find the full toolkit here and the accompanying Health Affairs blog post here.

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Zoe D’Angelo

Research Assistant - AcademyHealth

Zoe D’Angelo is a Research Assistant at AcademyHealth, where she supports the Evidence-Informed State Health P... Read Bio

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