During a recent briefing organized by AcademyHealth for the "Friends of AHRQ"—a coalition of over 450 organizations dedicated to advancing health research and policy—AHRQ Director Dr. Robert Valdez provided an in-depth update on the agency’s strategic initiatives and ongoing projects. The briefing highlighted AHRQ's commitment to transforming health services through innovation and evidence-based research.

Dr. Valdez’s Vision for AHRQ

Dr. Valdez shared his vision for AHRQ, which is focused on enhancing the agency’s core mission of improving health care through rigorous research. His strategic priorities include:

- Enhancing Health Services Research: Dr. Valdez discussed specific initiatives aimed at converting clinical research into tangible improvements in health care delivery. He specifically mentioned a new program designed to apply insights from health data analytics to reduce procedural inefficiencies in hospitals. 

- Boosting Patient Safety: He highlighted recent advancements in projects designed to improve diagnostic accuracy in emergency departments, which include the development of AI-assisted diagnostic tools that reduce human error. These tools are part of a broader effort to enhance patient safety across various health care settings.

- Addressing Long COVID: Dr. Valdez explained AHRQ’s role in coordinating a network of specialized clinics focused on Long COVID. These clinics are not only tasked with creating and sharing treatment protocols but also serve as research hubs to gather data on the efficacy of different Long COVID treatments.

- Integrating Artificial Intelligence: The integration of AI technologies in health care settings was discussed, with Dr. Valdez pointing to pilot projects that utilize AI to streamline patient management systems and enhance the quality of care. He emphasized that these initiatives are designed to ensure that AI tools are both effective and ethically implemented to support clinical decision-making.

Advocacy and Support Through Friends of AHRQ

Dr. Valdez also emphasized the crucial role played by the Friends of AHRQ in advocating for the agency’s mission. This diverse group helps convey the value of AHRQ’s work to Congress and includes stakeholders from various sectors including health care professionals, patients, and academic institutions. A recent joint letter to Congress, signed by 173 organizations, advocated for increased funding for FY25, reflecting the strong community support for AHRQ’s objectives.

Reflecting on Past Achievements and Future Goals:

The briefing also provided an opportunity to reflect on past accomplishments and to outline future goals. Dr. Valdez reviewed the previous year's priorities, which focused on enhancing health care system performance and addressing health care inequities, which have been exacerbated by challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change.

As AHRQ moves forward under Dr. Valdez's leadership, now in its third year, the agency continues to focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of health care services. This involves a strategic, evidence-based approach that incorporates the latest innovations in technology and research.

The Friends of AHRQ remain a pivotal force in supporting these initiatives, ensuring that AHRQ can navigate the evolving challenges of the health care landscape and capitalize on new opportunities to advance health research and quality. To join the Friends of AHRQ and have access to the latest news on advocacy efforts for the Agency, email us at advocacy@academyhealth.org


Isa Granados, M.S.

Ph.D. Candidate - Duke University School of Medicine

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