2015-2017 AcademyHealth Progress Report

2015-2017 AcademyHealth Progress Report

This progress report includes highlights in AcademyHealth's work from 2015-2017.

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From 2015-2017, AcademyHealth worked with our members to deliver better care, use health data more effectively, address health care costs, and build healthy communities. We also worked to support better research better through advocacy, the provision of cutting edge resources and methods, efforts aimed at workforce development and patient and consumer engagement, leadership on research ethics and governance, and through activities related to translation, dissemination and implementation.

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Kristin Rosengren

Vice President, Strategic Communications - AcademyHealth

Kristin Rosengren is Vice President, Strategic Communications, and co-director of the AcademyHealth Translatio... Read Bio

Lauren Adams

Lauren Adams, M.A.

Senior Director of Communications and Marketing - AcademyHealth

Lauren Adams, M.A., is senior director of communications and marketing at AcademyHealth, where she oversees th... Read Bio