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HSR Workforce Development

One way AcademyHealth works to improve both the supply and quality of health services research is by assessing the skills and composition of the HSR workforce, and building programs that respond to emerging needs. This section includes evidence on the makeup of the HSR workforce as well as programs to improve and support its diversity and relevance.


AcademyHealth Announces the Best of 2024 Annual Research Meeting

Research nominated as the best abstract for each theme from the 2024 Call for Abstracts explores topics related to the effects of pediatric mental health integration, the impact of Medicaid value-based payments, influences on hospital charity care spending, and more.
Blog Post       From the Bedside to Research: Navigating Change in Nursing

From the Bedside to Research: Navigating Change in Nursing

As we celebrate National Nurses Week, the AcademyHealth Interdisciplinary Research Group on Nursing Issues shines a spotlight on the indispensable contributions of nurses to the health care sector. Amid evolving challenges, these frontline professionals continue to lead with resilience and innovation, driving significant changes across the industry.

Summary Brief Outlines Research Priorities for Improving Health Care Value and Equity

As health care costs continue to rise and health disparities persist, the need to redesign our health care system to deliver better, more equitable care is paramount—and we must have a strong evidence base grounded in the needs of our communities to inform this work. In response to this urgent need, AcademyHealth launched a project in October 2021 with funding from The Donaghue Foundation to advance research on high-value, equitable care.