For three consecutive years, out-of-pocket healthcare spending has accelerated. In 2017, the JPMorgan Chase Institute released estimates of out-of-pocket healthcare spending levels and burden at the state and county level from the JPMorgan Chase Institute Healthcare Out-of-Pocket Spending Panel (JPMCI HOSP) data asset. In a recent report, they describe the enhancements to, and key findings from, the updated JPMCI HOSP data asset that includes a first look at 2017 healthcare out-of-pocket spending trends.

Key findings from this report include positive growth across every state and demographic group, with an uptick in healthcare spending burden as a percent of take-home income. The increase in burden occurred across demographic groups, but was largest among families in the lowest income quintiles and families living in Utah. Families in California experienced the highest growth in healthcare spending levels, with the coastal region of California showed especially high growth in spending, at the county-level.

In this webinar, Fiona Greig of the JPMorgan Chase Institute provided an overview of year-over-year trends at the state and county level and for different demographic groups. Greig, along with Niall Brennan of the Health Care Cost Institute, discussed the importance of continuing to monitor levels and trends in out-of-pocket healthcare costs borne by families, as the JPMCI HOSP data asset sought to do, detailing how key trends affect people‚Äôs choices regarding whether and when to consume care.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the data on a state and county level included in the JPMorgan Chase Institute Healthcare Out-of-Pocket Spending Panel
  • Recognize key factors related to increases in healthcare out-of-pocket spending and how changes in spending burden may impact how individuals and families consume care
  • Identify year to year trends in changes in out-of-pocket healthcare spending across demographic groups

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Speaker List


Fiona Grieg headshot

Fiona Greig, Ph.D.

Director of Consumer Research - JPMorgan Chase Institute

Fiona Greig is the Director of Consumer Research for the JPMorgan Chase Institute. Previously, Fiona served as... Read Bio


Committee Member

Niall Brennan, M.P.P.

Senior Advisor for Data Strategy to the Director - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Niall Brennan is the Senior Advisor for Data Strategy to the CDC Director. Read Bio