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Costs & Payments

Understanding the factors that increase or reduce costs and the ways that payments affect the choices people make can help improve health and health care decision making.


Three in Four Community Health Centers Are Engaged in Social Determinants of Health Activities. Making These Activities Universal Will Require Greater Investment and Payment Flexibility.

This Data Note examines the extent of community health center involvement in systematic efforts to screen patients for the presence of social determinants of health and concludes that targeted grant support and Medicaid performance investments for the costs associated with social risk screening and reporting are needed for universal engagement by community health centers.
Blog Post       Program that Rewards Consumers for Choosing Lower Priced Providers Offers Modest Savings

Program that Rewards Consumers for Choosing Lower Priced Providers Offers Modest Savings

There are numerous obstacles to consumer price shopping in health care and shifting patients’ behavior has been difficult. Recently, some insurers have used financial rewards to get beneficiaries to use lower-priced providers. In this ‘plain language summary,’ new research indicates the strategy may have some affect, although overall impacts of the program are modest.
Posted Feb 8, 2022 By Kristin Rosengren
Blog Post

2021 Reinhardt Lecture Discusses Prices as Signals

The annual Reinhardt Lecture honors a national leader who reflects the high standards of Professor Uwe Reinhardt. The 2021 lecturer was Dr. Sherry Glied, who honored Dr. Reinhardt’s trailblazing focus on price, rather than quantity, with a discussion of the role of price as a market signal. The following plain language summary offers highlights from the transcribed remarks, as delivered at the virtual 2021 Annual Research Meeting and published in the journal Health Services Research.
Posted Nov 30, 2021 By Kristin Rosengren
Past Event

Webinar: What’s Next for Price Transparency?

This webinar covered the impact of price transparency reporting thus far. Panelists discussed what additional efforts are necessary to provide consumers with accurate information to make more informed decisions.
Date & Time October 6, 2021, 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET Location Online