Mr. Sabharwal is the Director of Strategic Alliances at AcademyHealth, where he works on projects that support the development of an evidence infrastructure for health and health care, with an emphasis on the inclusion of multiple stakeholder perspectives. His core areas of interest/project activities include broader use of interoperable health information technology (Health IT) systems, data governance and privacy, patient centered outcomes research, and the development of data registries.  In addition, Mr. Sabharwal serves as the staff lead for AcademyHealth’s new Corporate Council and actively seeks partnerships and collaborations for AcademyHealth and its members with private sector entities, including delivery systems, life-sciences companies, payers, and Health IT/data analytic firms. 

Prior to joining AcademyHealth, Mr. Sabharwal served as a Senior Project Manager at the Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP). Prior to CMTP, Mr. Sabharwal worked at Avalere Health as a Manager in their Center for Evidence-Based Medicine. At Avalere, he provided life sciences industry clients with research, analytic, and project management support on comparative effectiveness and quality improvement activities. Previous to Avalere, Mr. Sabharwal served as a Senior Researcher at the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Center for Physician Workforce Studies, where his research interests included the study of medical student career and specialty choices, indebtedness among health professionals, and physician mal-distribution. Mr. Sabharwal received his master's in public health with a concentration in epidemiology from the University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Public Health and a bachelor's degree from Louisiana State University.

Authored by Raj Sabharwal, M.P.H.

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The Role of Employers (and Employees) in the Health Spending Conversation

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Considering the Future Impact of COVID on Health Spending

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Posted By Raj Sabharwal, M.P.H.