Please complete the submission form below. Entries not in compliance with the submission requirements will be ineligible for further review and prize awards. A reminder that your project approach should include the following:

  • An overview of the community/communities of interest, including key health, social, and demographic information
  • A summary of how proposed activities address two or more of the categories from the Healthiest Communities rankings –

  • A description of the project team, including composition (both in terms of individuals and organizations) and their ability to impact change within or connect with others in the community.  A reminder that the Challenge encourages partnerships among city/county agencies, local foundations/organizations, entrepreneurs, and others to make the available data more actionable
  • Other data sources and/or resources that are readily available to assist in implementation of the proposed approach
  • Anticipated outcomes of the proposed approach

Submission indicates your acceptance of the Rules and Instructions for entry into the Healthiest Communities Data Challenge.

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