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Presenting Research in Compelling Ways A Student Competition

Best of ARM 2016


In this competition held during the 2016 Annual Research Meeting (ARM) student competitors presented a health services research project or an analysis of a body of rigorous evidence that addressed a current issue in health policy or health care research. In their presentations, students used tools such as personal narrative, relevant audio or visual materials, or other creative approaches to presenting research to interested but perhaps non-technical audiences.

A review committee reviewed submitted abstracts and chose five students to participate in the competition.  Selection criteria included: (1) Significance for advancing research or practice; (2) Appropriateness of techniques, methods and practices; (3) Quality and originality; (4) Policy or practice implications; and (5) Clarity of writing and presentation. Following the live competition, all competitors received feedback from the judging panel on their presentations. The judges included experts in the field from the two host Interest Groups.  



  • Felicia Mebane, Mebane Media Communications, LLC
  • Craig Holden, Altarum Institute
  • Rajan Sonik, Brandeis University
  • Jennifer Spencer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Michelle Wong, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health