Using PCORnet® for Your Next Study: A “Quick-Start” Guide

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 27, 2023 from 1:30 pm – 6:00 p.m. PT
Location: Sheraton Grand Hotel | 1400 6th Avenue, Seattle, Washington, 98101
Cost: Free

This workshop will equip individuals interested in using PCORnet with the tools and know-how to conduct research studies using PCORnet®. This “network of networks” is available to researchers to use for a range of study designs, from high-quality observational studies to pragmatic trials. PCORnet® consists of eight Clinical Research Networks (CRNs) funded by PCORI. The CRNs are supported by a Coordinating Center which maintains the PCORnet® Common Data Model and provides coordination for the network. CRNs consist of two or more health care systems, including hospitals, integrated delivery systems and federally qualified health centers. Collectively, PCORnet® partners reach more than 30 million patients per year and the network is demographically comparable to the United States.

This hands-on workshop will provide attendees the opportunity to learn how to initiate research studies using PCORnet®. Coordinating Center representatives and investigators using the network will highlight aspects of the infrastructure and the resources that are available to support the development of new PCORnet® Studies. Examples include data and query processes, as well as tools and resources to support stakeholder engagement and study design. PCORI staff will update attendees about active PCORI Funding Announcements using PCORnet. Attendees will have the opportunity to begin consultations with PCORnet participants and PCORI staff. Attendees will be asked to provide topics of interest and prior experience with PCORnet in advance to tailor the program.

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Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn how to leverage resources available through the PCORnet® Front Door that are uniquely designed to support patient-centered research. Resources include an introduction to the PCORnet® Common Data Model, approaches to patient engagement, and steps to develop a data query to inform research design and planning
  2. Build awareness of PCORI’s current research funding opportunities that support research that uses PCORnet
  3. Identify potential collaborators from across the network

Person of Contact: Andrea Sorensen ( and Kim Marschhauser (