The goal of the study is to inform policy discussions of ACOs and other health care market reforms. Using CareJourney data, the study seeks to advance understanding about the role of physicians and other factors in facilitating or hindering care coordination, geographic and other correlates of such coordination, and the impact of coordination on cost and health outcomes. Starting with the assumption that care coordination is inherently about the relationship between providers and with patients and that physicians who share patients are more likely to know one another, the researchers would identify: (1) geographic variations in care coordination, (2) area and organizational characteristics (e.g. ACO penetration) associated with area-level coordination, and (3) links between care coordination and cost and quality outcomes. Deliverables will include a project work plan and final narrative report. The researchers will also produce paper(s) suitable for publication and present findings at national research meetings and to other stakeholder audiences as appropriate, including policymakers at the federal, state, and local levels and other key stakeholders, as part of the deliverables for this grant.

Principal Investigators:

Eva DuGoff's headshot

Eva DuGoff, Ph.D., M.P.P.

Senior Managing Consultant, Healthcare Transactions and Strategy Practice - Berkeley Research Group

Eva DuGoff, Ph.D., M.P.P. is a Senior Managing Consultant at the Berkeley Research Group and Adjust Assistant ... Read Bio

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Aditi P. Sen, Ph.D.

Health Economist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Aditi P. Sen is a health economist and assistant professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management a... Read Bio

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Craig Pollack, M.D., M.H.S.

Associate Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Craig Pollack, M.D., M.H.S. is an Associate Professor in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s... Read Bio

Grant: #76788
Grantee Institution: University of Maryland, College Park
Grant Period: 9/15/19 – 9/14/20