Craig Pollack, M.D., M.H.S. is an Associate Professor in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Department of Health Policy and Management with a joint appointment in the Department of Epidemiology and in the School of Medicine’s Division of General Internal Medicine.  He is deputy director of the Institute for Health and Social Policy and co-director of the General Internal Medicine Fellowship program. Clinically, he practices as a primary care physician. His research focuses on two areas.  The first is around social determinants of health with an emphasis on housing policy, including issues related to neighborhood context and housing mobility. The second focuses on cancer health services with an emphasis on social networks. Currently, he is multiple-principal investigator on a NIH R01, the Mobility Asthma Project, that investigates the impact of housing mobility on changes in indoor allergens and asthma symptoms.  He is also principal investigator on a research partnership from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that integrates data from the Moving To Opportunity for Fair Housing Demonstration Program with state Medicaid and hospital all-payer data.

Craig Pollack is a 2019 grantee of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Health Data for Action program, managed by AcademyHealth.