Past Fellows Share Their Experience

Why did you apply for the Delivery System Science Fellowship?

Phuc Le, 2014 DSS Fellow

“I applied for the DSSF because of the opportunity to conduct high quality health services research at one of the leading health systems in the nation. In addition to improving research and analytic skills, I am looking forward to witnessing the operation and management of a delivery system setting which is valuable for my career development.”

- Phuc Le, 2014 Fellow, Host Site: Cleveland Clinic

Frances Wu, 2014 DSSF Fellow

“I applied for the DSSF because its objectives closely align with my own career and research goals.  My earlier work experience in implementing quality and service quality improvement projects was a defining point in my career. I realized that I wanted to conduct research to understand what is effective in terms of improving some aspect of care delivery and why, and more specifically in a delivery system, close to the frontline where care delivery happens. I believe the DSSF will provide invaluable experience applying my analytical skills within a delivery system setting.”

-Frances Wu, 2014 Fellow, Host Site: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

What type of work could you do as a Fellow? 

"I value the real-world experience gained as a DSSF. Through the program, I had theAudrey Johnson headshot opportunity to learn from a renowned expert in clinical quality improvement, Dr. Brent James, through a training course. Now I apply those principles and skills regularly as a consultant to teams working to improve care processes regionally at KPNW."


-Audrey Johnson, 2018 Fellow, Host Site: Kaiser Permanente Northwest

Ravi Sharaf, 2014 DSS Fellow

"My interest is in the delivery of health care services to those at risk of hereditary cancer. Thanks to the DSSF, I have the opportunity to model the comparative and cost effectiveness of cancer genetic counseling services versus usual care from the perspective of a third-party payer. With the influx of genomic medicine, this work will help institutions make evidence-based decisions on how to appropriate their limited resources.”


- Ravi Sharaf, 2014 Fellow, Host Site: Hofstra North Shore - LIJ School of Medicine

Jing Hao, 2014 DSS Fellow

“My host site provides me with a wonderful platform to expand my research and gain invaluable experience and skills. I am collaborating with a team of excellent researchers on multiple projects focusing on economic evaluation of health services and programs. Major research topics include: economic evaluation of cancer treatment and surveillance, economic evaluation of genome sequencing, and clinical innovation program evaluation.”

-Jing Hao, 2014 Fellow, Host Site: Geisinger Health System

What experiences can you gain from being a Fellow? 

"The DSSF gave me the opportunity to study quality improvement in VA's health careClaire O'Hanlon headshot systems and nursing homes all over the country, from large urban centers to small clinics in rural communities. I had the chance to learn from world-class researchers and contribute to improved quality of care in America's largest healthcare system."


-Claire O'Hanlon, 2018 Fellow, Host Site: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Lee Headshot"As the first dental provider in Delivery System Science Fellowship, I have been fortunate to experience AcademyHealth’s enriching network and exercise skills to create meaningful contributions in advancing health, including oral health. This exposure motivated me to continue my career path in serving pregnant women and young children in real-life context, integrating oral health into overall health in both health and health care perspectives. I am also grateful for the fellowship mentors who took a personal interest in my success and remind me to listen to patients’ voice among arrays of data."


- Hyewon Lee, 2017 Fellow, Host Site: DentaQuest

Shayna Henry, 2014 DSS Fellow“My DSSF experience has been beneficial in helping me gain an understanding of how research can be used to impact clinical care, as well as how operational and policy priorities guide and shape research efforts within in a healthcare delivery system. I have also had the opportunity to work with experts in implementation science, and to develop a knowledge base in disseminating and implementing interventions within a living health care system, and juggling the various priorities of different stakeholder groups.”

- Shayna Henry, 2014 Fellow, Host Site: Kaiser Permanente Southern California 


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