These interactive data visualizations bring to life the information housed within HSRProj, a database from National Library of Medicine that contains information on more than 37,000 health services research projects.

HSRProj is a database of information that reveals valuable trends about the ongoing research being funded in the field of health services research (HSR) before results from that research are published. Populated using data from the HSRProj full database download for the years 2008 to 2018, the visualizations on this page provide insight about the state of a complex field. Use these figures to answer questions such as:

  • Where are HSR projects being conducted?
  • What research areas are supporting agencies funding? 
  • Who is funding certain areas of research? 
  • What have been the research priorities per year? 
  • What are the research and funding trends of certain areas of research?

*Note: Information from projects that do not include funding amount per funding year are not included in the charts that visualize funding trends. Additionally, due to funding cycles, there may be a time lag in the number of projects and their funding represented in HSRProj and this dashboard for 2018. 

Map of where HSR projects are being conducted

The number of projects in HSRProj that are conducted outside of the U.S. has grown in recent years; the map below displays the countries in which this research took place. HSR projects took place in 57 countries, with the majority of research documented in HSRProj conducted in and funded by the U.S. Other major research-contributing countries include Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

For an in-depth look at the distribution of projects in the U.S., check out this HSRProj Projects Map View. Here you can view project distribution by both state and congressional district. 


The research portfolio of funders

Research in HSRProj is funded by a diverse set of 374 private, non-profit, governmental, and international agencies and organizations. The research areas that these organizations fund vary by year and by organization.

  • Click on the Funding Year and Supporting Agency filters to see which research areas these agencies and organizations are funding. 
  • Click on the MeSH term and Funding Year filters to see which organizations are funding a certain area of research. 

*Note: Supporting agencies were asked to provide funding amounts starting in 2012, therefore the funding amounts may not be complete.

Snapshot of the research and funding landscape

Research projects in the HSRProj database are tagged with MeSH terms, or “Medical Subject Headings.” MeSH is NLM’s hierarchical, structured vocabulary for indexing and cataloging biomedical information. More than 2,400 MeSH terms appear in HSRProj for projects conducted between 2008 and 2018, with many projects assigned to more than one MeSH term.

  • Click on the Year filter to see the top ten Major MeSH terms for each year and the subsequent research and funding trends.

*Note: The terms used in this figure are Major MeSH terms. Indicated by an asterisk in HSRProj, Major MeSH terms denote major topics of an article or research project.