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The program is guided by an advisory committee that provides strategic direction and plays a key role in selecting candidates.

Program Requirements

Visiting Scholars are expected to lead a project of their own design and to collaborate with NCI staff on at least one other project.  Scholars may take on additional collaborative projects if time permits.  Scholars’ primary responsibility will be to lead an activity with the ultimate goal of improving healthcare delivery in at least one area of the cancer continuum (i.e. prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, or end-of-life care).  Possible activities include but are not limited to:

Time, Travel, and Cost Commitment

The expected time commitment is flexible so that Scholars can maintain their major responsibilities in their current institution.

  • Scholars will devote a minimum of 20% full-time equivalent and up to 35% full-time equivalent over a one-year period. 
  • Due to COVID-19, NCI and the Scholars will discuss the safest and most feasible way for the Scholar to spend time and interact with NCI staff.
  • Scholars will be provided with salary and benefits through an agreement with their institution to cover their full time equivalent commitment as well as mentorship throughout the program. 
  • Travel costs, including lodging and per diem, and salary coverage up to the NIH limit for grants will be provided. 
  • The specific time commitment and travel schedule will be negotiated once Scholars are accepted into the Program.

Selection of Candidates

  • We anticipate that up to two Scholars will be accepted into the program for academic year 2023. 
  • All applicants are expected to have a strong interest in cancer research, although prior experience is not required.

Benefits of Being a Scholar

AcademyHealth will provide Scholars with the following benefits: