The goal if this project is to examine how telemedicine may impact the formation of trust between patients, their providers, and the delivery of mental health services. The project will identify which features of telemedicine-based delivery of mental health services influence patient perceptions of trust/distrust across socio-demographic groups in order to optimize mental health care delivery mechanisms for the differing needs of various target populations. The goal of this study is to increase understanding of the basic processes that generate patient-provider trust by the various modalities of telemedicine in mental health services, providing a foundation for improving the equitable delivery of not only mental health services, but for a wider range of health services that tend to be less stigmatized.

Principal Investigators


Marek N. Posard, Ph.D., M.A.

Sociologist - RAND Corporation

Marek N. Posard is a sociologist at the RAND Corporation. His primary areas of research focus on social proble... Read Bio


Ritika Chaturvedi, Ph.D.

Engineer - RAND Corporation

Ritika Chaturvedi, an engineer at the RAND Corporation, has a diverse background in biomedical engineering, sc... Read Bio

Grant #75749

Grant Period: 9/15/18 – 3/14/20

Budget: $249,958