The second webinar in the 2012 EDM Forum series addressed the critical role of biomedical informatics in collecting, processing, and representing medical data for use in CER and PCOR. Presentations compared six different clinical informatics technology platforms that are currently used for research (e.g. i2b2 and CER Hub); discussed the tradeoffs inherent to data collection across a variety of strategies, including mobile devices; explored the current peer-reviewed literature at the intersection of clinical informatics and CER; and described the desirable characteristics of data models that can be used for CER.



This session was part of a free webinar series on the Electronic Data Methods (EDM) Forum's free, open access special supplement featured in Medical Care July 2012. The supplement features 15 papers on innovative strategies to build infrastructure for comparative effectiveness research (CER), patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR), and quality improvement (QI) using electronic clinical data. A multi-disciplinary group of experts contributed to this set of papers on analytic methods, informatics, and governance, representing 41 investigators and 23 organizations/institutions.

Download presentation slides here.