Recent support for data infrastructure to improve the transparency and reproducibility of CER and PCOR has generated numerous innovations to accelerate open science in healthcare. However, achieving the goals of collaborative science will require an evolution of scientific culture towards open access data, code, and tools that demonstrate the value of sharing for individuals (e.g. professional advancement) and communities (e.g. accelerated discovery and opportunities to improve patient care and outcomes) . This webinar will highlight examples of ways health researchers and programmers have contributed to open access communities to advance science and their careers. Several examples of open access tools and data resources will be demonstrated.

Download presentation slides here.


Learning Objectives:

  • Build awareness of opportunities to engage in open data and research communities
  • Learn about coding in R for federal surveys; techniques to facilitate distributed analyses; and use provider data for research
  • Improve users' experience with new tools and data by involving potential users in different stages of development
  • Explore opportunities to build your career by engaging in open source data and research activities