Electronic Health Data, Science, Health IT, Policy & the Health Care Marketplace

The EDM Forum Review highlights key investments and initiatives that are promoting this evidence-based system transformation, including: significant support from the public and private sectors investing in EHD infrastructure and science; adoption of EHRs; patient engagement and a growing marketplace for mobile health technology; and new goals for value-based payment to ensure quality rather than volume. The results of an extensive literature review, including PCOR findings based on electronic health data, are provided.

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Over the past several years, increasing availability of electronic health data (EHD) and use of these data to support health system transformation point toward exciting possibilities for health and health care. A great many individuals and organizations in the public and private sectors are contributing to drive this transformation, and the rapid pace of change and diversity of contributors make it challenging to keep up with new innovations and opportunities. In the context of this dynamic environment, our inaugural EDM Forum Review highlights major events, initiatives, and emerging evidence using EHD to improve patient care and outcomes.