Alignment of Clinical and Community Resources

Elements That Support Payment Reform for Population Health: Alignment of Clinical and Community Resources

This publication outlines issues around one of the key elements influencing the payment reform’s ability to support population health: alignment of clinical and community resources.

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This issue brief outlines the various areas of alignment needed between clinical and community entities to work together to improve population health.

The cross-sector alignment foundational element was identified and informed by a multitude of interviews with key informants, thought leaders, health systems, and other community organizations immersed in these discussions. We recognize many other organizations and initiatives are exploring the multitude of issues related to building and supporting alignment across sectors, cultures, and goals, including: 


AcademyHealth’s Payment Reform for Population Health initiative identified four major elements that influence the way health care purchasers, plans, and providers can support sustainable funding strategies that bolster non-clinical community-wide population health. These elements include shared data collection, analysis and evaluation, a trusted environment where collaboration across sectors is possible, alignment of clinical and community resources, and payment and financing models that incentivize investments in social determinants of health. To learn more, click here