Healthy People defines priorities that are most critical to overall health and well-being and, given our currently available knowledge, can be improved in the coming decade. Since 1979, every 10 years the Surgeon General releases an update on the status of health promotion and disease prevention efforts in the United States. Following principles set during the management by objectives movement of the 1950s, Healthy People sets specific and quantifiable goals as targets that would represent meaningful change in the health and related goals of the nation. By refocusing the goals and objectives that we should set as aspirations for the following decade, Healthy People not only is a tool used to evaluate the health of the nation but also shapes policies, funding, and programmatic efforts of public health stakeholders and practitioners at local, state, and national levels.

Derek Griffith

Derek M. Griffith, Ph.D.

Founding Co-Director - Georgetown University

Derek M. Griffith, Ph.D., is a Founding Co-Director of the Racial Justice Institute, Founder and Director of t... Read Bio