Paradigm Project August 2021 Newsletter Cover

The Blueprint: Paradigm Project Updates

This month’s edition of the Blueprint includes new and relevant AcademyHealth blog posts, a Health Services Research commentary by Paradigm Project Steering Council member Sandro Galea on expanding HSR, an article on the ethos of cultural rigor in the use of critical appraisal tools in research, and more.

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A July blog post reflects on the Paradigm Project through the eyes of four individuals who have been intimately involved in this process. 

In a panel titled “Testing Innovations to Improve the Practice and Application of HSR: Lessons from the Paradigm Project” at the 2021 Annual Research Meeting, Paradigm Project volunteers described innovations to act on three major challenges facing the HSR field. The challenges include:

  1. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI);
  2. Racial bias in data; and
  3. Meaningful partnerships with community-based organizations (CBOs).

Panelists also reflected on the unique insights and achievements made possible by the use of human-centered design as the primary approach to the work. They shared their lessons learned for building a movement to disrupt the status quo in health services research (HSR) and challenged the field to leverage Paradigm Project practices to spur innovation in order to advance more timely, impactful research.

In a follow-up post, AcademyHealth Vice President Michael Gluck reflects on lessons learned over the last two years of the Paradigm Project and the ways these innovations are only the start of our efforts to create real and lasting change in how we do, communicate, and use HSR.

He identifies five lessons from our Paradigm work that have important implications for how AcademyHealth proceeds:

  1. Health services researchers are motivated to make a difference for others.
  2. Change is possible.
  3. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  4. New ideas come from new tools.
  5. A diverse, equitable and inclusive field is key to all other changes.

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