Trust measures report

Measuring Trust: Where are we and where do we need to go?

This compendium outlines a framework for addressing the issue of conceptual clarity in trust research, enabling readers to better articulate why they are measuring trust, what key attributes they hope to prioritize in measuring trust, what they hope to gain from measuring trust, as well as clear expectations about the strengths and weaknesses of any measure they choose.

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In Measuring Trust: Where are we and where do we need to go? Drs. Platt and Taylor set out to address three issues which have fueled the propagation of trust measures:

  1. The lack of conceptual clarity across measures
  2. A lack of consensus around a single measure or set of measures
  3. Trust may operate differently depending on who is trusting whom, and what the context is

The intended readers for this guide are (1) health system leaders, organizational leaders and others interested in adopting measures at their institutions, (2) health services researchers who may not be focused on the issue of trust as a primary area of expertise, but see it as an important variable or outcome of interest in their work, and (3) those interested in assessing measures to support a convergence of methods and/or processes for choosing how, when, and what aspects of trust are to be measured.   

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